horse stud sports horses livery scotlandRachan Sport Horses Livery

We offer a small friendly family run yard which has 13 loose boxes of various sizes.  We cater to every individual as no 2 people require exactly the same.


  • 25m x 35 m outdoor woodfibre area.
  • Excellent hacking
  • Community gallops 5 mins from the yard
  • Inseminating stocks
  • Wash Area with hot shower for the horses
  • Hire of Equissage Machine
  • Communal tack room with own key.


Our stables are made by Hunt stabling soft wood and Galvanised frames.  They are 12 x 12.  We also have foaling boxes with heat lamps and CCTV.

Bedding and Hay

All horses are on straw which is incorporated in to your livery so that all horses have good deep warm beds. Hay provided and incorporated into your livery as we do not wish any horses standing with nothing to eat.

horse stud sports horses livery scotlandTurnout

We have 60 acres of good grazing each horse has its own electric fenced paddock to reduce the risk of being kicked or injured. 

We have winter and summer grazing to allow horses grass all the year round. 

Hard feed - We have a delivery of Hickstead horses feed delivered every 3 months to the yard.  Liveries are welcome to purchase feed from us if they wish as it is usually a lot cheaper than the local feed merchant.

Parking - We have very spacious parking for cars, trailers and Lorries.

Farrier - There is a farrier on site but if people wish to arrange someone different they are welcome to do so.

Vet - There are a few vet practices in the area.  If people want to use our vet this can be arranged or they are welcome to make their own arrangements.

Security - We are here on site 24 hours a day.  In the winter all horses are checked at night to make sure they are ok.


We ask that everyone on the yard respects each others horses and property.

No violence or harassment is allowed on the yard if anyone does conduct themself like this they will be asked to leave. 

Types of  Livery

  • Sales Livery
  • Schooling and breaking Livery
  • Full Livery
  • Competition Livery
  • Part Livery
  • DIY Livery

horse stud sports horses livery scotlandPrices are on request as we discuss with clients everything they are looking from as some people wish extras.

Foal Purchase Terms and Conditions
Deposit on foals is £500 to £1000 all deposits are non refundable

We do accept foals being paid up my monthly instalment but foals must remain with us and are owned by us till full purchase price is received.  If foals are weaned and not paid in full the purchaser is liable for insurance and Livery costs till foal is paid.  If purchaser changes their mind at any point when paying up the foal that they no longer wish to purchase it then purchaser is not entitled to any refund as this money will be used to readvertise the animal and go towards keep vet costs, wormers  etc till sold. 


Stud and LiveryTerms and Conditions

Horses will be wormed on arrival at Rachan Sport Horses and every 6 weeks thereafter at Horse owners expense.

Although every effort is done to prevent accident/injuries/disease, Rachan Sport Horses and its staff cannot be held responsible for any such misfortune happening.

Any veterinary treatment for Horses shall be summoned by staff at Rachan Sport Horses when it is deemed necessary. All veterinary costs will be sent to the owners by veterinary surgeon and is the responsibility of the horse owner.

Any deposits paid on stud fees are non refundable. 

Livery costs and Commission must be paid in full when the horse is sold. If the animal is not sold and the owner removes the animal the livery costs must be paid in full otherwise Rachan Sport Horses has the right to keep the animal till the debt is paid if the owner is unable to pay the debt then the animal will be sold by Rachan Sport Horse Stud to cover the debt.

Livery is to be paid 1 month in advance.