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2015 News

We have started Roxburgh Horse Transport which we can now offer transport all over the UK Please see the new page.

We have purchased some new mares which are exciting editions to the stud see our Broodmare page some have been added 2 or 3 more to arrive and will go on as and when they arrive. 

Fleur foaled a amazing bay colt by Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike (FOR SALE)

Wild Rose Foaled a lovely filly by Broadstone Westcountry

West End Girl foaled a lovely coloured filly by Siangie Braveheart.






.2014 Season

City of Edinburgh Show

Rachan San's Next top Model 1st Edinburgh show in yearling hunters and overall Champion In hand Hunters

Rachan Wonderful Westend Boy 2nd Edinburgh Show yearling hunters

Rachan Wonder Lady A (owned by Carolyn Crozier) 1st 2 year old hunters and Reserve Hunter Champion

Central and Westfife Show

Rachan San's Next top Model 1st SSH Yearling at Central and West Fife Show

Rachan Westcountry World of Dreams 4th Coloured non Native

Cumberland County

Davina 1st Hunter Broodmare (winner of trophy) premium broodmare award

Rachan Westcountry Davinci 3rd Hunter foal

Rachan San' s Next Top Model 1st Yearling Hunters

Rachan Wonderful West  End Boy 4th Yearling Hunters

Wonderful Eclipse 6th Hunter Yearlings

Rachan Wonderful Lady A 2nd 2 year old hunter fillies

Royal Highland Show

Davina 4th Hunter Broodmares

Rachan Westcountry Davinci 2nd Hunter Foals (by Broadstone Westcountry)

Rachan San's Next Top Model 1st Yearling Hunter Fillies

Rachan Wonderful West End Boy 6th Hunter Yearling Geldings

Rachan Riverdancee 3rd 3 year old Hunter Fillies

Skelton Show

Rachan San's Next Top Model 1st Hunter Yearlings and Champion In Hand Hunter

Davina 1st Hunter Broodmares

Rachan Westcountry Da Vinci 2nd Hunter Foal

Rachan Wonderful West End Boy 4th Hunter Yearlings

Rachan Westcountry World of Dreams 1st Hunter 3 year olds and 5th coloured non native

St BoswellShow

Wicky paola 6th Hunter Broodmares

Rachan Westcountry Paola Aurora 2nd Hunter foals

Rachan Sans Next Top Model 1st Yearling Hunters

Rachan Wonderful West End Boy 1st Hunter Ponies

Rachan Westcountry World of Dreams 5th Hunter 3 year olds and 3rd coloured non native youngstock


Border Union

Rachan Westcountry Too 1st coloured youngstock

Rachan Westcountry World of Dreams 2nd coloured Youngstock

Rachan Wonderful West End Boy 2nd Hunter Pony yearling

Wonderful Eclipse 3rd Hunter Pony Yearlings

Wicky Paola 4th Hunter Broodmares

Rachan Westcountry Paola Aurora 2nd Hunter Foals

Rachan San's Next Top model 1st Hunter Yearlings


Wicky Paola graded Select Stud Book

Dawina graded Select Stud Book

Rachan Westcountry Da Vinci Premium Foal

Rachan Westcountry Paola Aurora


Davina 1st Hunter Broodmare

Rachan Westcountry Da Vinci 2nd hunter foal

Rachan San's Next Top Model 1st Hunter Youngstock and CHAMPION HUNTER











2013 Season


Rachan Wonderful Lady A (Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike) owned by Carolyn Cozier has had a fantastic season 4th at the RHS Yearling Fillies, 1st Yearling Hunters and Reserve Hunter Champion Dumfries Show, 1st Premium BEF Eventing.


horse stud sports horses livery scotland








Langholm Show

West End Girl won Broodmare Class

Rachan Wonderful West End Boy won the foal class

Rachan Westcountry Too won the yearling class

Rachan West End Boy In Hand Hunter Champion



Ettrick and Yarrow Show

West End Girl Won Broodmare Class

Rachan Wonderful West End Boy Won foal class also RESERVE IN HAND HUNTER CHAMPION

Rachan Riverdance 5th in 1, 2 and 3 year old class


Central and West Fife Show

Rachan Dream of Glory won the Yearling Hunters and the Yearling Sport Horse Class

Rachan West Country World of Dreams Won the 2 Year Old Hunters and went In Hand Hunter Champion and Reserve Supreme Hunter Champion


Royal Higland Show

Rachan Dream of Glory won the Yearling Hunter Gelding Class

Rachan Riverdance was 4th in 2 Year Old Hunter Fillies

Rachan Westcountry Too 3rd in coloured Yearlings

Siangie Braveheart 4th in coloured yearlings


Border Union Show

Rachan Westcountry World of Dreams won the pony coloureds Non Native and was 3rd in the 2 year old hunter pony class

Rachan Westcountry Too was 3rd in the pony coloured non native and won the hunter pony yearling class

Siangie Braveheart was 3rd in the coloured youngstock non native

Rachan Dream of Glory 2nd in the Hunter Yearlings

`CHAPS Regional Show (Kingsbarn)

Rachan Westcountry World of Dreams gained 1st Premium to go towards her as a breeding mare

Rachan Westcountry Too gained 1st Premium to go towards his stallion grading and potential as a stallion judges comments were he was stallion potential and he also went CHAPS Regional Champion for the evaluation

Siangie Braveheart gained 2nd Premium in his evaluation and also was 4th in the sport horse class.


BEF Futurity Richmond

Rachan San's NextTop Model (San Liberty/Wicky Paoula) High First Premium dressage (8.86) and Reserve High score

Rachan Wonderful Westend Boy (Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike/West End Girl) High First Premium Eventing (8.70) and Reserve Highscore.


All 2013 foals are now sold.



The stud has had a good year with visiting mares and also at competitions over the summer.  We gained a high first premium at the BEF with Rachan Dream of Glory with a score of 8.68.  He was also Reserve High Score.  Rachan Westcountrys World of Dreams gained a first premium and Reserve High Score and Rachan Deamonte was First Premium also.

horse stud sports horses livery scotlandWe have about 6 foals due next year to 2 to Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike, 3 to Decopauge, and 1 to San Liberty they will start arriving in March 2013.  If you are interested in a foal for next year please contact us.

The stud offers foaling livery for customers we will foal any mares that people require contact  us for more info.  We have CCTV and heatlamps in all our foaling boxes.

October 2012 All our 2012 foals are now sold and gone to great homes.  The stud has 2 new coloTheured stallions for 2013 see the stallions page for more information.  We now offer a homozygous stallion so can guarantee customers coloured foals.

Larkshill Rehinking is now sold and is away to his new home.

Abienne has foaled a lovely bay filly to Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike on the 04 April.   This foal is already sold and congratulations to Jo Chapman-Campbell on the purchase of this lovely filly.   She has called her Rachan Wonderful Lady A.

The Stud have a new Stallion San Liberty (Sandro Hit/Lord Liberty G) we hope everyone will take advantage of this super stallion with exceptional breeding.  He will be available by AI Chilled or Fresh.  His stud fee is £500 NFFR.  Look on the Stallion pages for his full details.

Willimet Z has foaled a stunning coloured colt by Decopauge on the 27th of March we have called him Rachan Deamonte.  He is already sold to Jane Hope of Foxboro Performance Horses.  He will be run on by her as a Stallion Prospect.  Jane has also purchased Rachan Zinaide she will leave us once Deamonte is weaned.

horse stud sports horses livery scotlandAnother new stallion will be joining us for 2012 Ditona who is a licensed Welsh Section D X Traditional stallion he is coloured and has had numerous wins in 2011.  He can be viewed at Stirling Stallion parade in March.

Rachan Wonderful Noir has now been sold to Bev Evard.  We are so excited about his new home he will have every opportunuty to fulfill his potential.  So watch this space.

Rachan Wind Dancer has now gone to his new home so we only have Rachan Zinade left to find a home for.

The Stud have purchased a new Colt for the future.  Bling Bling is by Breitling W out of a Florestan Mare.  He is the full brother to the lovely and sadly now deceased stallion Being Bling.  He will soon have his own page.

New for 2012 the stud will be offering Stallion Dummy Training and walk in collections.  We will also be offering to inseminate mares by AI to other stallions.   If anyone is interested in their stallions being dummy trained please contact Sally.  We are also happy to stand stallions that are not ours.   All veterinary work is carried out by Merlin Veterinary Group.  We work closely with Ian Lathangie and Clare Arthur.  The website is www.merlinvet.co.uk.

 For the second year running the stud held a British Warmblood Grading day for mares and foals.  Once again there was a good support for this and we would like to thank everyone who turned up.  The stud had 3 mares entered 1 went onto the permanent breeding register and 2 were graded main studbook.  Wonders Precious Moonstone gained a premium foal award.  Decopauge has also now been accepted as a approved stallion by the BWBS also.

Ettrick and Yarrow Willimet Z winner of Broodmare class, Wonders Precious Moonstone Winner of foal class and overall Reserve Champion.

BEF Futurity 1st Premium Rachan Wonder Precious Moonstone and 1st premium Rachan Westminster Abbi.

Royal Highland Show Rachan Wonders Precious Moonstone 3rd Sport Horse foal.  Willimet Z 6th Sport Horse Broodmare.  Rachan Westminster Abbi 6th 2 year old Sport Horse.  Wonderful Van'T Wynona 4th 3 year old Hunter Fillies.

Rachan Wonders Precious Moonstone bay filly by Wonder out of Willimet Z Ster was Champion Hunter, Champion Sport Horse and qualified SSH Final.  Also Overall Reserve Champion at Central and Westfife Show.

7th foal born Sasja foaled a coloured colt by Warlord

6th foal born Da Palma foaled a black filly by Broadstone Westcountry

5th foal born West End Girl a black filly by Larkshill Rehinking

4th foal born Waithside Fleur a coloured filly by Broadstone Westcountry

3rd foal born Woodcroft Helena a black colt by Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike.

 horse stud sports horses livery scotland

We have been sent lovely pics of Rachan C Rapunzel.  She is by Gribaldi out of Rarina.  She was purchased by Geoff Berry and Helen Manners as a foal.  She is now 4 has been professionally broken and is being aimed at young horse classes.  We are looking forward to seeing how she goes.




We have heard from Bev who has Cornellius Decor a son of Decopauge.  He has already had a fantastic start to the season with a win at BSPA Northallerton winning his class and taking the Championship.  He also attended the CHAPS Northern Show where he won all 3 classes went Supreme Champion and qualified for the King of The Ring.  Congratulations to them.

horse stud sports horses livery scotland






Second foal of 2011.  Volatis Cleio has foaled a lovely and well marked coloured filly by Zidane.  She is proving to be a super mum.  She was born on 26 March at 00.55am.

First foal of 2011.  Willimet Z has foaled a beautiful bay filly at  23.40pm on 20th March.    This filly is by Wonder and her bloodlines include Gribaldi, Ferro and Rubinstein.  We hope to get them out over the summer.

 All Stallions will now be available either by Natural Covering or AI with Fresh/Chilled Semen.

Due to a lot of interest Rachan Wonderful Noir may be available for 2011 stud season to a limited number of mares.  He is by Wonder out of West End Girl.  He has superb jumping bloodlines.  Pictures of him are on the site.  If you are interested in using him please contact us direct.  His Stud Fee is £400.00 for 2011.

If anyone is interested in any of our 2011 foals please email or call us we are happy to inform you when they are born before being advertised.  Alot of our foals are never advertised.  We would like to thank all the mare owners who used the boys this year and look forward to seeing the 2011 foals.

Rachan Wunjo is now in his new home with the Hallsworth Family in Hampshire we wish them luck with him.  Waithside Daydreams Sambertilo has also gone to his new home in Cornwall with Diane who is thrilled.

Last Agricultural show of the Season at Langholm and Rachan Wonderful Noir was 1st in the Yearling Hunters and Rachan Wonderful Van'T Wynona was 3rd in the 2 year old Hunters.  Great end to the season with Wonders Progeny doing really well.

The BWBS Grading day went well and we were blessed to have a dry afternoon.  Many thanks to Lynne and Dave Crowden for doing the grading and a big thank you to all the other breeders who turned up I think everyone will agree it was a successful day.  The stud mares Sasja, Waithside Fleur entered the Permanent Breeding Register, Hot N Spicy Springfalls and Woodcroft Helena entered the Main Stud Book and Wilma Z entered the Select Stud Book.  Our foal Rachan Wunjo gained a foal premium.

BEF Futurity success Rachan Wunjo is 9th overall in the dressage foals for 2010 futurity.  This colt is by Wonder.  Rachan CRapunzel Bred by us was 10th overall in the 3 year old dressage fillies.  Westend Girl finished 18th in the Dam Rankings for all disciplines and Wonderful Van'T Zwaanenheike finished 38th in the Sire Rankings for all Disciplines with youngstock average score of 8.38.

horse stud sports horses livery scotland

We are excited to announce the purchase of the fantastic coloured Canadian Warmblood stallion Decopauge from Shane Reilly.   He will stand here in 2011.  Details to follow so watch the stallion page.



BEF Futurity Rachan Wunjo by Wonder out of West End girl (full brother to Noir) gained high first Premium of 8.97 in dressage section just missing out on elite He was the High Score of the day.  Rachan Wonderful Warlock gained 1st premium eventing by Wonder out of Woodcroft Helena.  Rachan CRapunzel by Gribaldi gained 1st premium dressage 3 year old 8.43.

Rachan Wonderful Noir 2nd Dumfries Show in the Hunter Section and Rachan Wonderful Van'T Wynona was 4th.

BEF Futurity 2010 Rachan Wonderful Noir gained another 1st Premium and reserve high score.  He was scored 8.50 out of 10 by the vet.  Rachan Wonderful Van'T Wynona gained second premium just missing out on a first with a score of 7.89.  Her vet score was 8.75.

At The Royal Highland Show Wonderful Van'T Wynona gained 2nd in the 2 year old Hunter filles section Congratulations to Pamela Brown.

horse stud sports horses livery scotland
Rachan Wonderful Noir
1st Ayr Yearling Hunters
1st Central and West Fife Yearling Hunters and Reserve In Hand Hunter Champion
2nd Central and West Fife Sport Horses (Qualifying for the SSH Final)

1st Langholm Yearling Hunters

BEF Futurity 1st Premium and Reseve High Score

5th RHS 2010 in Yearling Sport Horses in a strong class of 16.